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How reading helps young children learn


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Your stories so far


It’s back.

Yes, Parentonomy took a little break over the Summer.

But now it’s well rested, and (like Kate) back to work with no tan lines!

So once again I’m seeking your parenting experiences.

Because when it comes to raising children, wisdom isn’t found in books or statistics.

Professors of whatnot can spout all they like about what’s good and bad, how to do it – and how to get it all wrong.

But unless they’ve sat up at 2am with baby puke in their hair, what the hell do they know?

Blogging is all about sharing our experiences, dipping into others’ lives and maybe learning something in the process – or just having a laugh at how we muddled along but got there in the end.

Which is what Parentonomy is all about.

A chance to share posts every week on an aspect of bringing up children.

Before I kick off with a new topic next week, let’s recap on the subjects, all of which are still open and waiting for your posts to be linked up to them.

There will be Parentonomy carnivals popping up all over this blog at the end of the year.

And by the way, if anyone has a topic they’d like discussed in Parentonomy next week, don’t be shy. Leave me a comment below and let me know.



We all have it – but have we got enough? Money is a big issue when you’re a parent. Spending too much of it, budgeting to hold onto it. Whatever the angle, money makes the world go round. And we’d like you to link up your posts on it.



A big part of parenting politics is the child’s party. Whether you’re hosting one or attending one with your offspring. Was it a good experience? Any words of advice? Come on, it’s party time. Share the joy.



They say it’s crucial to a child’s development. Kids say it’s just fun. Play is something we’ve all observed – or even taken part in. Share your playtime stories here.



When you were young, watching Blue Peter was as far as it went. But now you’re a parent, the sticky back plastic and glitter pens have probably played a part in entertaining your offspring. So link up your crafts posts and give us less artistic souls a bit of inspiration.



It’s how all of this started (well, almost). The births of our babies are burned into our brains. And at some point we’ve shared our birth stories with someone. So how about sharing them here?



Sharing a book with your baby can be the start of a lifetime’s passion. How has reading helped you as a parent? Has it ignited a spark in your child? Or maybe your child is learning to read at school, and you want to share the journey. Hell, maybe you’ve read 50 Shades and want to comment on how you feel about the sudden fashion for Mummy Porn!



Having children changes everything – especially if you decide to stay at home. It might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, or the biggest version of hell on earth you’ve encountered. Maybe you don’t stay at home full-time, but you want to share your views on staying at home versus going out to work.



Food glorious food. From the moment we start weaning our kids, we’re pre-occupied with getting a varied and balanced diet into them. Whether you have some recipes to share, or tips on dealing with fussy eaters, give us a taste.



Rabbit rabbit, chatter chatter. From first words to the funny things your child says, speech has so many possibilities – even the phrases we find ourselves saying as parents. Come on, lets talk about…. talking.



How do you get yours? Sleep that is. Do you get enough? From bedtime routines to middle of the night traumas. As parents we’re obsessed with it. It’s the one thing we relinquish control of. How do you cope?



We may have thought we talked sh**e before having kids, but reach the potty training stage and you’re quite literally obsessed with it. Dancing around the living room when your toddler drops one in the potty is not unusual. Your successes, failures and funny stories are all relevant here.



You never think it will happen to you, but the black dog known as post natal depression does not discriminate. And when it bites, the ripples can be felt throughout a family. Have you been brave enough to blog about your experience? This is one topic where sharing can really help – yourself and others.



The relationship between siblings should never be underestimated. Having them – or not having them – can shape your personality and make you the person you grow up to be. Have you observed anything about your children and how they get along? Or maybe your own siblings have affected you in some way?



To some, it’s the most natural, bonding experience in the world. To others, an uphill battle. It can be controversial, but there is no denying breastfeeding is good for mother and baby. What was your experience?



So that’s what we’ve covered so far. 14 topics, and I’m sure you’ve got something to say about most of ‘em.

Come on, link up.

Spread the joy. Share the humour. Offload your troubles.

Whatever you’ve got to say, me and many others can’t wait to read all about it.

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