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Competition: Win £100 to spend with Mainline Menswear



Now my boys are growing bigger, they are starting to develop an interest in fashion.

But at the same time they are becoming too tall for the sizes offered in kids stores.

Let me repeat that. My 10-year-old has grown out of children’s sizes!

Not all of them. But he’s 5ft 2in with size 7 feet – and in a lot of stores it’s just easier for me to buy him a “small” in mens clothing than it is to find something big enough for him in the kids section. And at just 8 years old his brother is not far behind.

Which is why I’m grateful for companies like Mainline Menswear.

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Save cash with Oony and win a £50 Amazon voucher


Ever heard of Oony?

If you haven’t already, and you’re interested in saving money, then you should.

Oony started in 2010 with the aim of helping every person spend less on each purchase they make.

From bank discounts to coupons, daily deals and moneysaving resources. All angles were explored, until the people at Oony realised the best way to save money was to combine all these things on one site.

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Competition: Win a canvas print from Wallcreate


There’s no denying that living a fair distance from your family has its advantages.

No pesky relatives dropping in on you at a moment’s notice.

No getting embroiled in family arguments.

And no fights over who you go to for holidays, or who comes to you (if you live so far away, they have to take their turns).

But then you have children, and start to realise those with helpful grandparents just around the corner are the luckiest parents in the world.

Not only are we coming up short when we need to find babysitters, but we also celebrate some special events without our loved ones there to see it.

Which is why I like to send gifts that make them feel part of those milestones they may have missed.

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Win £200 of Sainsbury’s Vouchers with Active Kids



If your kids are sports crazy, you’re pretty much sorted when it comes to keeping them active.

In our town the majority of the local lads are either part of the junior football squad, or else they’re constantly kicking a ball around the local park or the school playground.

But what do you do when your boys aren’t at all interested in football – in fact, they’re not particularly sporty at all?

This is my quandary. When being active isn’t something which naturally occurs for your children in the school playground, or as part of a sports team, you’ve got to create opportunities for them to stay fit and healthy. Especially in this day and age when, left to their own devices, children like mine would happily sit staring all day at a computer screen.

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Competition: Win a festive kids costume



Dressing up is one of my boys’ favourite pastimes – although I’ll admit the last time Brodie donned a Christmas costume he looked like this…

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Win a nine-month subscription to Abel & Cole



Do you know how much Folic Acid you’re supposed to take during pregnancy? Or which foods contain Iodine?

How about all the foods you should avoid, and what you should eat more of to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals?

I must admit, I know the basics but I’m probably not as knowledgeable as I should be.

Nutrition in pregnancy is important to ensure both you and baby remain healthy throughout pregnancy and well into baby’s first months.

And now the folks at Aptaclub want to put you to the test in their latest survey.

Whether you get the answers right or wrong, you are still in with a chance of winning a nine-month subscription to Abel & Cole organic fruit and vegetable delivery.

That will entitle you to one medium box per month, worth £18.75. A nine-month subscription would cost you £168.75.

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Competition: Go Ape on a tip top treetop adventure

+06-22 03=49 IMG_0956

When I say my boys are like a couple of monkeys, there are many ways I draw that similarity.

Their cheeky attitudes, their love of bananas…

And the way they enjoy swinging through the trees.

They’ll often ignore the play equipment in favour of hanging from the branches of the silver birches at the back of our local park.

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Competition: Win a £40 voucher for All Fancy Dress

If there’s one thing I’ve always loved about having kids, it’s the dressing up.

Them, that is, not me.

When they were babies, I enjoyed dressing them up just to see how cute they looked.


As they’ve grown, dressing up has really sparked their imagination.

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Win A Family Pass To Cadbury World #FreeTheJoy

photo (5)

I’m always telling the boys not to play with their food.

But when it comes to Cadburys Marvellous Mix Ups, that’s exactly what they’re made for. So how can I deny them?

There’s a Maynards pack and an Oreos pack, both mixed with scrummy chocolates, so there’s something for everyone.

But the different shapes and colours lend themselves to a bit of artistic expression – just before you pop them in your mouth and eat them.

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Competition: Win a canvas print from PhotoBox


The older I get – or rather the older my boys get – the more sentimental I become.

They are just growing up so fast. And the photographs we’ve taken over the years are my connection to the babies who have almost disappeared in the little men I see before me.

Which is why I love buying canvas prints – as gifts for the grandparents to remind them of how far we’ve come, but also as keepsakes for myself.

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