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Making the most out of your car insurance


Insurance is a pain, expensive and not the most exciting thing to spend your time or money on.

If you want to save, you’ve got to be smart.

Being approached by car dealership Carspring made me realise that with just some small changes, you can hugely cut your car insurance costs.

Here are eight surprisingly easy tricks to beat the insurers and save your cash for the more exciting things in life.

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Being an invisible co-pilot on your teen’s road trips

With ever-busier roads and young people so keen to jump behind the wheel and start navigating them, it’s never been more important to get driver safety into conversation at an early age.

Statistics compiled by ingenie in their 2014 Young Driver Report indicate that 20% of serious road incidents involve under 25s. In 2013 alone, 1,290 young drivers were killed or seriously injured.

Alongside these unsettling statistics, the report provides real-life data about the way young people drive and how the UK’s bleak traffic accident figures can be reduced – with telematics insurance, one of the biggest moves towards better road safety.

What is telematics? Well, it’s all to do with a little black box fitted to a car, which transmits feedback on how the vehicle is being driven, via an app.

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