Valentine Love Bugs

Having a child changes the dynamic of Valentine’s Day.

As well as being a romantic occasion between a couple (if you have the time or energy for romance) it becomes a chance for parent and child to show their affection.

A great way to get kids involved is by making love bugs together, to give to Mum or Dad – or even grandparents.

What you’ll need:

  • A toilet roll tube
  • A sheet of pink card
  • Purple crepe paper / paint
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • Decorate heart stickers / foam pieces
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A felt tip pen


  • Cover the toilet roll tube with purple paper, or paint it
  • Cut two large hearts out of the piece of card
  • Attach with tape or glue to either side of the body
  • Draw a face on the top of the tube
  • Stick two pipe cleaners on the head to make antennae
  • Write a Valentine message such as “You make my heart flutter” or “From your little love bug” on one of the wings

Simple, and a great way to include your children in the February 14th tradition.

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Cooking tasty treats with Master Chef

Guilt is a huge part of being a mum. No matter what we do for our kids, we worry it’s never enough.

And a survey published today reveals more than half of us feel we don’t spend enough quality time with our offspring.

Leaving the little ones to entertain themselves so we can do chores, and not cooking enough meals from scratch, leave us caught in the guilt trap.

But in the constant juggling act that is parenthood, maybe we should all give ourselves a break.

But how many of us would criticise our own mothers for not hoovering enough during our childhood? Or for feeding us fishfingers instead of homemade Shepherd’s Pie?

It’s the playing together, the bedtime stories and the cuddles on the couch which stick in our minds. And nothing much has changed over the years.

So maybe it’s time to leave the house a little messy, bung a ready meal in the oven, and do more fingerpainting, puppet-making or just plain running around in the garden.

If you’re the type of parent who responds better to structured activities, we love this Monsters Chef Set, available from Yellow Moon

As well as a monster print apron and hat, there’s a rolling pin, 6 cookie cutters, wooden spoon mixing bowl, paper cases and delicious recipes to help you create scary – but very tasty – treats.

It’s great for boys or girls. And better still, it’s currently on sale, with 80 per cent off the price.

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