It’s All Possible Now England Is Out


There’s a certain football tournament happening right now.

You might have noticed. It’s a pretty big one.

Am I following it?

*Looks around and whispers* Why? What have you heard?

As a rule, I’m not a football fan. But it’s a bit like the Olympics. When the whole world is watching, you’ve got to get into the spirit, haven’t you?

But listen, I’m English (a Geordie, to be more precise) and I live in… Scotland.

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Carrying the crown for Gala Day


Our town’s gala day rolled around again this weekend.

It’s a fabulous local tradition, where children from the four local primary schools have their names drawn from a hat to play roles from Gala Queen to lady in waiting, from Queen’s champion to junior guard.

We experienced the thrill of being part of it a couple of years ago, when Brodie was picked to be a junior guard.

So when Blake’s name came up as crown bearer this year, I was thrilled that both my boys would have their day in the spotlight.

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My Family Travel Bucket List


I’ve always had travel ambitions.

But there’s something about wanting to show your children the world. Your priorities change.

Bear Grylls recently came up with a top 25 “must see” travel destinations.

And while they’re all likely to have made my list before I had the boys, there are a few others I’d add now that I’m a mum.

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We Are Family: The legal process of adoption



One of the saddest statistics in 2013 was the rising number of children in the care of local authorities, which now exceeds 68,000 children and is set to rise again in 2014.

A staggering 24% of these children – just over 16,000 – are aged 4 and under.

These figures are even more poignant when you consider a record number of women are set to use invitro fertilisation (IVF) to help them start a family this year, and over 25,000 would-be parents made enquiries about adopting a child.

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RBS app adds to Mum’s bag of magic tricks



Magic…  it’s all about sleight of hand, isn’t it?

So much of it looks real, but behind the scenes it’s just clever trickery.

Like when you become a Mum.

You can pretty much fool your children into thinking you have magic powers. And they don’t find out until they’re older that it was all deceit.

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Six Super Simple End Of Year Gifts For Teachers



I can’t believe it’s here already. The boys have only two weeks left until they break up for the Summer holidays.

For me, it seems like five minutes since Blake started school, and I wrote this.

But I know for the teachers at our primary school, time probably hasn’t flown quite as much. Because a workplace where you have to control upwards of 25 excitable kids …. well that’s not easy is it?

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Dennis The Menace, Square Sausage, and Carol Smillie’s Knickers!




A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Ideal Home Show Scotland.

I don’t often get a day out by myself. So I jumped at the chance to leave Mr G to entertain the boys, while I spent a Saturday shopping, taking in the sights, sounds and smells (and maybe doing a bit of celeb-spotting).

I’ve already told you how the lovely people at Sterling Furniture took a group of us through the key interiors trends and styles for this season.

But the rest of the day was pretty eventful too.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Under £50

father's day


It’s that time of year again, when you need to show your appreciation for the Dad in your life.

If you’re anything like me, you not only have to shop for your own father but on behalf of the kids for their Dad too!

And while the men in my life protest that they “don’t need anything” or that “socks will do”, I hate being predictable.

So here’s my pick of Father’s Day gift ideas  for all different budgets.

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The Ideal Home Show Scotland: Style With Sterling




I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers event at The Ideal Home Show Scotland, hosted by Sterling Furniture.

Since we’re always looking for good ideas for brightening up our house, I jumped at the chance to go along, meet some other bloggers and draw up my own wishlist of what I’d love to do to our ramshackle home.

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A Week In Politics


I don’t normally blog about politics.

It’s not something I feel comfortable discussing.

It’s just one of those subjects where it’s important to have a view – but there’s no winning in a debate about it. Mostly because people can get very aggressive if you don’t see things their way.

So until recently, I preferred to remain silent on the subject.

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