You won’t remember


Last month Brodie turned 9. He’s getting to an age where he’s constantly looking ahead, to the next challenge, to a life full of possibilities. And the past? That’s for us oldies to focus on.

But when his birthday comes around, I can’t help but marvel at how far we’ve come. So when I read this lovely piece, it showed me how best to express my feelings for my eldest boy – who gets embarrassed when I call him my first baby – and the special memories he’s given me.

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The potential of a princess


Every baby is a blank canvas. So full of potential. A starting point from which you can’t have any idea where they’ll go and who they’ll become.

And, speaking personally, I find a new baby in the House of Windsor both exciting and fascinating.

Princess Charlotte. Who will she become? What will she do for the Royal Family? Will she be as gorgeous as her mother? As environmentally-conscious as her grandfather? As kindhearted as her dear departed grandmother?

The British public will get to see her grow up and carry on a family legacy, with her every move scrutinised and her personality picked apart by the Press. But what a privileged life she will lead, travelling the world and experiencing so much. Read More →

What would you do with a lottery win?

lottery balls

If someone were to offer you $2 billion (that’s about £126 billion) what would you spend it on?

The possibilities are endless.

We all dream of having unlimited funds in the bank, to enable us to live the lives we want without financial constraints.

But for most of us, those kinds of funds are only going to come in one of two ways – winning the lottery or marrying someone rich.

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Great gift ideas for Father’s Day

fathers day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s once again time to show the blokes in our lives how much we appreciate them.

Whether you’re shopping for the man who has everything – or the fella who wants everything – here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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Livening up a family picnic



Apparently it’s Springtime. The right time to think about getting outdoors a bit more as a family.

Perhaps you’ve already been out to the seaside, or visiting local attractions. We’ve been waiting until the weather is a bit more… trustworthy. Or at least as trustworthy as it gets in Scotland.

Picnics are always a great way to get everyone outside in the sunshine, doing something that’s fun, but doesn’t cost the earth. We’re lucky to have a handful of parks on our doorstep, as well as some beautiful woodland and even an old ruined palace on the shores of a loch.

The only trouble is, a picnic can take a lot of organising, and after a while it’s easy for little ones to get bored.

So I’ve had to learn a few ways of keeping the boys entertained when we’re dining al fresco. Here’s my top tips for making family picnics more fun.

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Where I Come From


Where you come from is important. Where do you come from?

I come from Newcastle. That’s the simple answer.

But there’s so much more to it than geography. Who you are is a jigsaw puzzle of early experiences.

So where do I come from?

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Five life lessons I want my children to know



What five big lessons do you want to teach your kids, to take them through their lives?

I have been challenged by the lovely Anya to consider this and take part in a blogging link-up started by Michelle over at Mummy From The Heart.

It’s been hard to narrow it down to five. There are so many things I want my boys to learn, in order to become the men I so hope they will be.

But here’s my list:

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Five Good Reasons To Laminate Your Life


Five years ago we bought our family home.

It was in a bit of a state – although purely cosmetic – so we had it painted throughout and fresh carpets laid before we moved in.

While some of the walls still look as clean and fresh as when they were first painted, the carpets are another story.

They’re frayed, stained, threadbare, tatty, and generally yucky. But that’s what you get when you bring a one-year-old and three-year-old into a newly carpeted place, and let them inflict five years of muddy boots, dropped food, poo (well, I did potty train Blake in this house) and general wear and tear.

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Review: Dino Tales


At the age of 2 and a half, Brodie discovered dinosaurs.

All of a sudden, his toy trains didn’t matter any more. His imagination was sparked by Triceratops and Spinosaurus, by T-Rex and Diplodocus.

We themed his birthday parties on them, we booked tickets to see shows about them, we visited attractions which had them.

They’ve taught him a lot. These prehistoric creatures have widened his vocabulary, improved his spelling, and sparked his imagination.

So when the lovely folks at Netmums invited us to review the Dino Tales game, promising it would be educational, I had no doubt.

But now that he’s 8, Brodie is fairly knowledgable about dinosaurs, so I wondered if there was anything new this game could teach him about his favourite creatures.

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What Parenting Really Looks Like (and it ain’t pretty)


I clearly remember the rose-tinted spectacles of optimism I wore when pregnant with my eldest boy.

Of course, I knew parenting would be nothing like the white-picket fence images of the TV commercials – where the mum is radiant in her pure white dress, smiling down at her cherubic infant who gurgles adorably as she changes his nappy (which no doubt smells of raindrops and roses).

But ignorance is bliss, and I still managed to kid myself that becoming a parent would somehow turn me into Mary Poppins, so filled with joy by the arrival of my little miracle that I’d laugh away his tears, wipe up his mess cheerfully, and brush off the sleep deprivation with a strong coffee and a smile.

But that’s because we rarely capture images of what parenting really looks like.

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