Saving for my children’s future


I love being a mum. It’s a journey that, despite leaving me pulling my hair out at times, I am truly happy to be on.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I catch myself wondering whether or not I’m doing a good job. There’s no right or wrong way of being a mum but I do hope that my children will always be happy, healthy and well educated.

I often wonder what they are going to end up doing career wise when they are older. Have I got a little doctor, teacher or astronaut (if my little one had his way) on my hands?

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To my sons: An apology


My beautiful boys,

I’m sorry.

Those two words don’t quite seem to cut it. But they’re true.

Since your Dad left a few short weeks ago and we became a fractured family, you’ve had a lot of adapting to do.

And I’m sorry for so many things.

But in these last few weeks I’m especially aware that I need to apologise to you, for some things in particular.

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9/11: A snapshot in time


I was surprised to see a former colleague share this on Facebook today.

Me, on September 11 2001, standing with colleagues in the newsroom of the paper I worked for, watching the horrors of the terrorist attacks unfold on television.

It’s a snapshot in time, of 14 years ago.

What does it make me think?

It makes me think how I was only 28 at the time. How I hadn’t even got married by then, how my two children hadn’t been born…

Basically how far I’ve come since.

But how so many lives ended abruptly on that day…..

And all of that possibility, all of that life, was never lived.


What to expect when you’re becoming a single parent


For months now I’ve been dipping my toe in the water of single motherhood.

But this shit is about to get real.

The ex has stayed in our spare room four days a week, but he will be moving out permanently in about a fortnight now.

Since deciding to split, we’ve maintained the facade of family until the kids got into the Summer hols. Then we broke the news and started the journey on helping them adjust.

It hasn’t been easy, and I think the final hurdle will be when reality hits and we actually become two separate households.

Ex hasn’t been able to get into his new flat until the beginning of September. But now his move in date is just around the corner and my apprenticeship as a lone parent is almost up.

I will be totally in charge of the welfare of two boys, aged nine and six. Eeeek!

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Money habits to teach your children


I can’t believe how quickly my boys are growing up. The years seem to be flying by and they’re becoming fully-fledged little men before my eyes.

While I’m excited to enjoy every landmark, I have to admit I’m starting to worry about getting them into good habits for the future, especially when it comes to money.

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I’m not the Mum who…



I’m not the mum who knocks up a delicious meal from scratch every night, filling the house with smells of freshly baked bread. I’m as far from a domestic goddess as you could possibly get.

But I will spend an entire day fashioning a dinosaur-shaped birthday cake for your party. Because I love you dearly and being your parent means stepping out of my comfort zone.

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Acceptance: When a marriage is over


When I started 2015 with a word to live by, I chose “acceptance”.

What I had in mind was letting go of relationships which weren’t working out. Accepting that they’d never be what I wanted.

I was focusing on a friendship which wasn’t going anywhere – after making all the effort and getting very little back – and a family member who hasn’t even met my youngest son, and doesn’t seem to want to be part of our lives.

What I didn’t realise was that these relationships weren’t my biggest problem.

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Give him the gift of memories #TruprintDads

+08-23 05=51 Brodie, Blake Grose @ Kinneil House Roman Day, Bo'Ness, Scotland IMG_4388

As the boys grow up, they’ve become accustomed to having a camera shoved in their face.

So much so, they refer to their Dad as “The Paparazzi”.

And despite sometimes feeling a little grumpy about having a lens pointed at them during some of the most private family moments, we now have a collection of images from virtually every week of their lives, which I for one am very grateful for.

And when it comes to Father’s Day, their Dad appreciates it too. Especially since this year he’s spending more time away from the family.

So for Father’s Day, we decided to give him gifts which will keep the boys with him, wherever he goes.

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You won’t remember


Last month Brodie turned 9. He’s getting to an age where he’s constantly looking ahead, to the next challenge, to a life full of possibilities. And the past? That’s for us oldies to focus on.

But when his birthday comes around, I can’t help but marvel at how far we’ve come. So when I read this lovely piece, it showed me how best to express my feelings for my eldest boy – who gets embarrassed when I call him my first baby – and the special memories he’s given me.

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The potential of a princess


Every baby is a blank canvas. So full of potential. A starting point from which you can’t have any idea where they’ll go and who they’ll become.

And, speaking personally, I find a new baby in the House of Windsor both exciting and fascinating.

Princess Charlotte. Who will she become? What will she do for the Royal Family? Will she be as gorgeous as her mother? As environmentally-conscious as her grandfather? As kindhearted as her dear departed grandmother?

The British public will get to see her grow up and carry on a family legacy, with her every move scrutinised and her personality picked apart by the Press. But what a privileged life she will lead, travelling the world and experiencing so much. Read More →

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