Honking for Sport Relief: The bloggers’ relay


Nope, I’m not foregoing deodorant for the next month! Although the title of this post kinda sounds like that, doesn’t it?

I’m joining Team Honk.

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The Year I Make It Happen: Home Improvements

clean up


This is the year I… do up the house.

Yep, Mr G is going to have to shake the mothballs out of his wallet.

Because this year we have no excuse. I’m back at work and we have the extra funds we need to do something about the state of Chez Central.

We’ve kind of gone beyond shabby chic and into a category which could be termed as contemporary crap.

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New Year Blog Gems: Mummy Never Sleeps

New Year Blog Gems

 A huge thank you to all of the fabulous bloggers who’ve shared their blog gems of 2013 with me over the past couple of months. It’s been brilliant to read them all. Bringing my Blog Gems series to an end, I have the fabulous blogger and all-round gawjus girl Cas. I’ll pass you over to her….


Well hello you. I’m Cas, I write at MummyNeverSleeps, which I started eighteen months ago because I just needed somewhere I could at least pretend I had a vocabulary that stretched further than “No… NoNO!“ I desperately wanted to write about motherhood in the way that I personally hadn’t really come across before, ya know, the dark side.  The mental health, the depression, the struggling to cope, the enormous amounts of old baggage it brought hurtling back into the present. Fear not though, I can sometimes make the impending nervous breakdown sound mildly amusing. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy, right?

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Dear Matilda Mae


Dear Matilda Mae,

How is heaven little one? Hope it’s all fluffy white clouds and pink marshmallows.

That’s how I like to picture you, angel. Giggling and having fun in a world of soft girlishness.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since your mum wrote this heartbreaking post.

And I cried reading it. Sobbed my heart out in fact.

I’d heard of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But this was the first time I’d faced up to the pain and sorrow it causes.

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All The Small Things: Beating the bullies

He's dealt with some snakes in his time but...

He’s dealt with some snakes in his time but…

After a couple of years of generally enjoying school and hanging out with his friends, Brodie has had a tough time in Primary 3.

And my heart goes out to him.

It could be the age he’s reaching (he’s only 7), but it seems the kids in his class are getting a little beyond the cute, open innocence they had when they left nursery.

And they’re learning how to hurt and manipulate.

Bullying in schools, I’ve learned, doesn’t always take the form of beating the cr*p out of another kid in the playground. These days, children are a lot cleverer than that and know how to chip away at a classmate’s confidence, while going unnoticed.

Brodie wears his heart on his sleeve and wants to be friends with everyone. He’ll give them all a chance.

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New Year Blog Gems: The Diary of a Frugal Family

 New Year Blog Gems


I’m almost at the end of my Blog Gems series – and have to thank the lovely bloggers who have shared their 5 favourite posts of 2013 with me. It’s been a great way to catch up on so many good posts that I missed, and discover new blogs that I’m now following.

Just a couple more to go. The first is from Cass. Let me introduce her…..

Cass is a working mum of 2 who you can usually find over at The Diary of a Frugal Family.  She blogs about everything from family fun and adventures to money saving tips and foodie ideas with lots of cupcakes thrown in for good measure.  All she asked Santa for last Christmas was a few extra hours every day!

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Do social media outbursts really help a murdered child?


Dear social media ranter,

I get what you’re so upset about. I really do. When the life of a child is taken I feel physically sick.

Like so many other mothers, I imagine, I picture something like that happening to my precious little ones, and start to think how I would cope.

I know I wouldn’t.

I want those responsible to suffer. I want them to be sorry for what they did for the rest of their miserable lives.

But do you REALLY think it’s helpful to let loose on social media in the way so many of you do? Read More →

Eschewing the fat: Another year, another promise


still losing weight

Forgive me slimmers for I have sinned.

It’s been *hangs head in shame* six months at least since my last calorie confession.

Yes, I started last year with determination to lose weight and be transformed by the end of 2013.

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Could an app stop me living with Victor Meldrew?

meldrew grumpy


In the eight years I’ve been a stay-at-home mum, Mr G has developed an unfortunate catchphrase.

“Shut the door and keep the heat in,” he yells on an almost daily basis, as the kids and their friends run in and out of the house, throwing open the front door and letting the cold Scottish air whistle through the house.

Like many families, we’ve had to make ends meet on just the one income, so I can’t really blame him. Spiralling gas and electricity bills are a worry.

And his biggest nightmare is wasting energy.#

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All The Small Things: Going Back To Work

having it all1

I’ve started a full-time job – my first in 8 years – and I desperately miss the boys.

It’s a role which gives me a lot of training and the gives our family extra cash to pay off our overdrafts and live more comfortably (things were getting a bit wobbly with Mr G’s salary failing to cover our ever-growing bills).

But I want Brodie and Blake *whimpers*.

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