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Should you ban video games for your kids?


It seems like almost every child has a device to play games.

Games have replaced physical toys and books as must-have Christmas and birthday presents.

But with so many scare stories about the effects of games on children’s development, especially those that contain violence, should you ban them in your household? What are the consequences of the digital entertainment take-over?

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of games for kids, check out fun, educational alternatives to violent games and offers tips to help integrate game-playing into your kids’ lives in a sensible way.

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Review: Dino Tales


At the age of 2 and a half, Brodie discovered dinosaurs.

All of a sudden, his toy trains didn’t matter any more. His imagination was sparked by Triceratops and Spinosaurus, by T-Rex and Diplodocus.

We themed his birthday parties on them, we booked tickets to see shows about them, we visited attractions which had them.

They’ve taught him a lot. These prehistoric creatures have widened his vocabulary, improved his spelling, and sparked his imagination.

So when the lovely folks at Netmums invited us to review the Dino Tales game, promising it would be educational, I had no doubt.

But now that he’s 8, Brodie is fairly knowledgable about dinosaurs, so I wondered if there was anything new this game could teach him about his favourite creatures.

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Review: Nintendo 3DS XL


Brodie got a Nintendo 3DS XL to try out, and took his role as a reviewer very seriously.

My eldest son is 8 years old and in Primary 4. He’s had an original Nintendo DS for the past couple of years, which we bought second hand to see whether he’d like it or play with it regularly.

It gets picked up much more in the colder months, when he’s stuck indoors. Or we bring it on long journeys or visits to doctor’s waiting rooms and the like, when it helps to pass the time.

Brodie likes to stay active, so gaming consoles aren’t always on his radar. But he does like returning to his DS every now and then, especially when there are new games to be tried.

We were also lucky enough to get New Super Mario Bros 2 to play on the console.

So what is 3DS XL?

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Review: Nintendo 2DS


The trouble with games consoles is that no sooner do you buy one, the company brings out a new, upgraded version.

Before you know it, you can’t get games for your old-fashioned console any more. And all the newest, latest games your kids are nagging you to get are only accessible to them if you fork out another £100-200 for version 2.0 of the player.

It annoys me. And with this in mind, a couple of Christmases ago, when we were buying the boys their very first Nintendo DS consoles, we got second hand reconditioned ones from a store.

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RBS app adds to Mum’s bag of magic tricks



Magic…  it’s all about sleight of hand, isn’t it?

So much of it looks real, but behind the scenes it’s just clever trickery.

Like when you become a Mum.

You can pretty much fool your children into thinking you have magic powers. And they don’t find out until they’re older that it was all deceit.

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