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Keeping fit in the family



Like diet, it should be a four-letter word.

Tell anyone they need to get some exercise and images of sweating for hours at the gym sends shivers down their spine.

Or at least it does for me.

Which is why, with the weather improving and the nights getting lighter, I like to think of fun ways to get fitter and healthier. I prefer exercise where we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

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It’s All Possible Now England Is Out


There’s a certain football tournament happening right now.

You might have noticed. It’s a pretty big one.

Am I following it?

*Looks around and whispers* Why? What have you heard?

As a rule, I’m not a football fan. But it’s a bit like the Olympics. When the whole world is watching, you’ve got to get into the spirit, haven’t you?

But listen, I’m English (a Geordie, to be more precise) and I live in… Scotland.

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A Sporting Chance

When it comes to sports, my sons are always going to be pulled in 2 directions.

I’m from Newcastle, home of the Toon Army. Newcastle United. The magpies.

When Brodie was a baby, my brother didn’t waste any time, trying to recruit him to support the men in black and white.

Uncle David even bought him a membership to the Junior Magpies club, for his first birthday, along with his very own strip.


+01-05 DSCF1101

But Mr G is from Wigan. A rugby league town. Land of the Warriors.

His family have nothing to do with football. Their colours are red and white. Brodie’s Godfather bought him a baby-sized Wigan rugby kit as a christening gift.

So you can imagine how much Brodie and Blake need to dress the part, when we’re visiting family on either side.

Thankfully, the replica kits at JD Sports include both football and rugby.

But truly, we’re relaxed about whatever sports the boys choose – if any.

When they were old enough, we enrolled them into Enjoy a Ball – a general ball skills class so they could decide for themselves.

So far, it’s 1-0 to Mr G’s family, as my eldest has gravitated towards rugby. Now almost 7, he’s always preferred to pick up a ball and run with it.



Of course, we’re in Scotland, so rugby union is the trend. But as long as it’s an egg-shaped ball, his Dad is happy.

So my family’s last hope rests on four-year-old Blake.

Who knows if he’ll be the next Kevin Keegan or Alan Shearer?

At the minute, his main interest seems to be…. cake.




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