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Competition: Win £100 to spend with Mainline Menswear



Now my boys are growing bigger, they are starting to develop an interest in fashion.

But at the same time they are becoming too tall for the sizes offered in kids stores.

Let me repeat that. My 10-year-old has grown out of children’s sizes!

Not all of them. But he’s 5ft 2in with size 7 feet – and in a lot of stores it’s just easier for me to buy him a “small” in mens clothing than it is to find something big enough for him in the kids section. And at just 8 years old his brother is not far behind.

Which is why I’m grateful for companies like Mainline Menswear.

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Que sera sera. But whatever will he be?


My eldest is at that age when he’s ready to experiment with his look.

It started with him growing his hair about 12 months ago.

Even in that in-between mop-like stage I’ve stuck by his decision. It’s driven his Dad crazy (but I think that’s part of the attraction!)

He likes standing out from the crowd, and now he’s 10 there’s a growing interest in clothes, as well as what makes the girls notice him (eeek!)

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Review: Back To School with Clarks


It’s the Back To School job I always dread.

Shopping for school shoes can be about as pleasant as going for a tooth extraction at the dentist, as poking a fork in your eye, as standing on a piece of LEGO (and I’ve done that a few times!)

Especially since I always manage to leave it to the last minute, when the crowds are descending, my boys are whining and wriggling because they hate shopping, and I’m sweating like a … well I think I’ve packed enough similes into this post already to tell you how much I dislike this task.

So when Clarks invited us to sample their back to school range, I knew it was an errand we’d be running anyway, but I can’t say I was relishing the idea.

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Four Ways To Get Ready For Going Back To School


I know what you’re going to say. You’ve only just started your holidays and now I’m banging on about school again!

Well, up here in Scotland we’re coming to the end of our fourth week of the Summer break. There’s only three weeks to go before the kids return to the classroom.

And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s rushing around at the last minute.

Believe me, it’s amazing how quickly the time goes and before you know it, the new academic year is about to begin.

Just like New Year, a new school year always feels like a fresh start.

But it’s always best to prepare your kids for the challenges of the year ahead. Here are my top tips:

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Hair Trends 2014


The new BBC3 programme Hair has certainly whetted my appetite for new styles, although perhaps not all of us will be feeling confident enough to wear the outlandish looks featured on the show.

But a glance through a few magazines, and there are plenty of ‘dos’ which your average woman could carry off with flair and finesse.

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Getting the country gent look with Joules


If you’re going for strolls in a cold, damp climate, you really need to dress the part. And Brodie fancies himself as a bit of a country gent.

We bought him some green Hunter-style wellies over Christmas, and he’s been wearing a wide-brimmed hat he got in a dressing up set – as he finds it shelters him from the rain better than any hooded coat can.

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BANKing on a strong foothold in fashion

In my opinion, the words toddler and fashion don’t mix.

Clothes should be comfortable and functional (not to mention washable).

And the same goes for shoes.

As the mum of two sons, who took off at 100 miles an hour once they found their feet, durability has always mattered much more to me than style.

My only nod to fashion was to avoid blue whenever I could.

Ever since the boys were born, friends and family have sent us blue stuff – for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, whatever.

At times, our house resembled an explosion in a Smurf factory.

So I prefer bright, vibrant colours – reds, greens, yellows, oranges, purples.

That’s why I love Vans Atwoods by BANK Fashion.


They’re Chilli Pepper red, with velcro fastening (what toddler can deal with laces?) and have a sturdy enough sole to deal with climbing trees, exploring beaches and jumping in muddy ditches.

And because they have canvas uppers, they’ll easily pop in the washing machine, if (or should I say when?) they get a bit grubby.

I’m told they’re also fashionable – which I suppose is a bonus.

Brodie and Blake were vigorous testers of shoes in the toddler years.

Now my friends are dealing with baby boys, my main advice is never to comprimise.

Fashionable footwear is fine but it’s got to pass the toddler test.



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