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Making the most out of your car insurance


Insurance is a pain, expensive and not the most exciting thing to spend your time or money on.

If you want to save, you’ve got to be smart.

Being approached by car dealership Carspring made me realise that with just some small changes, you can hugely cut your car insurance costs.

Here are eight surprisingly easy tricks to beat the insurers and save your cash for the more exciting things in life.

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Saving for my children’s future


I love being a mum. It’s a journey that, despite leaving me pulling my hair out at times, I am truly happy to be on.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I catch myself wondering whether or not I’m doing a good job. There’s no right or wrong way of being a mum but I do hope that my children will always be happy, healthy and well educated.

I often wonder what they are going to end up doing career wise when they are older. Have I got a little doctor, teacher or astronaut (if my little one had his way) on my hands?

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Money habits to teach your children


I can’t believe how quickly my boys are growing up. The years seem to be flying by and they’re becoming fully-fledged little men before my eyes.

While I’m excited to enjoy every landmark, I have to admit I’m starting to worry about getting them into good habits for the future, especially when it comes to money.

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What would you do with a lottery win?

lottery balls

If someone were to offer you $2 billion (that’s about £126 billion) what would you spend it on?

The possibilities are endless.

We all dream of having unlimited funds in the bank, to enable us to live the lives we want without financial constraints.

But for most of us, those kinds of funds are only going to come in one of two ways – winning the lottery or marrying someone rich.

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Save cash with Oony and win a £50 Amazon voucher


Ever heard of Oony?

If you haven’t already, and you’re interested in saving money, then you should.

Oony started in 2010 with the aim of helping every person spend less on each purchase they make.

From bank discounts to coupons, daily deals and moneysaving resources. All angles were explored, until the people at Oony realised the best way to save money was to combine all these things on one site.

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My Saver Story



Money and me. We’ve had a relationship full of ups and downs.

I’ve always respected those pennies and pounds. Being raised by a single mum, I appreciated that they wouldn’t always be in plentiful supply.

Which is why, when I was taken to open my first bank account at the age of 9, I relished the chance to stockpile my pocket money so I could buy things all by myself. Just small things at first. But it meant a lot when I could go to town and buy an outfit for the school disco, or I had my own spending money to take with me on family holidays.

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Deal or No Deal?

BlackFridaycollageI’m always looking for ways to save money on stuff.

But I imagine I wasn’t the only one watching in horror last week as the Black Friday crowds stampeded over each other, in the hype to get a discount deal.

What sort of discount? Most of the shoppers being interviewed for the news channels had no idea.

They’d just heard there might be some good bargains inside, and so they waited and then threw themselves into the scrum as soon as the doors opened.

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Energy Saving Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of


We all pride ourselves on doing our bit to save energy – not just for the environment, but to cut down on our household bills.

When it comes to saving energy, I assumed that it was all a matter of common sense.

Recycle, turn the heating down when you can, switch off appliances when not in use… that sort of thing.

But once I’d done the Happier Homes energy quiz, I was surprised to score just 3-4 points on a scale which went up to 10. And I’m no dunce (honest!)

I bet there’s a few things on there you’d never thought of.

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Taking too much credit?


It’s at this time of year that bills start to mount up in our household.

With the little one’s birthday in October, a holiday coming up over the half-term, and then the build-up to Christmas, it’s tempting to just bung it on the plastic and worry about it later.

What does it matter?

Everyone does it, right?

And we can always pay it back in January anyway. Sound familiar?

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A NISA way to invest for the future

Protection of money. Isolated 3D image on white background

It’s hard to know how much to save for your kids’ futures.

How much is enough? Can you ever set aside too much?

I always find financial news frightening, with headlines about soaring university fees, the cost of getting on the housing ladder, rising costs of living, with wages failing to keep up……

If I thought too much about my sons’ financial futures, I might never get any sleep.

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