About Me

Hi I’m Donna…DonnaMCA Geordie bird with a big mouth, but (I hope you’ll agree as you get to know me) a bigger heart.

I live in Scotland – not far from Edinburgh – with my two sons.

Mother Nature hasn’t been easy on my bid to make a family. Two miscarriages and PND means to call it a rollercoaster ride would be both a cliché and one mofo of an understatement!

A runaway train is more like it, although having survived the nastier twists and turns, I’m finally starting to enjoy the ride. At least the buffet car is well-stocked with booze.


I had a 12-year marriage to Mr G, who is mentioned in the early years of this blog. Our marriage didn’t work out, but we’ve managed to stay friends. And we got two great blessings out of it.


This is Brodie…


Our eldest son was born in Spring 2006. He loves dinosaurs and animals – which is fitting since he was named after the policeman who killed the shark in the movie Jaws (Chief Brody – but we changed the spelling). He is kind, loyal and wears his heart on his sleeve. Now in primary school, he wants to be a marine biologist or a zookeeper when he grows up.


And here’s Blake…


Our youngest son came along in Autumn 2008. He loves knights and castles, and rules our household with stubborn determination and a talent for tantrums. Mr G came up with his name, inspired by cheesy 1970s sci-fi TV series Blake’s 7. He was born on the 8th of the month – which has become the first of many acts of rebellion. No clue what he wants to be when he grows up. My guess would be international terrorist. Or traffic warden. Anything which allows him to be a little dictator.





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