Que sera sera. But whatever will he be?


My eldest is at that age when he’s ready to experiment with his look.

It started with him growing his hair about 12 months ago.

Even in that in-between mop-like stage I’ve stuck by his decision. It’s driven his Dad crazy (but I think that’s part of the attraction!)

He likes standing out from the crowd, and now he’s 10 there’s a growing interest in clothes, as well as what makes the girls notice him (eeek!)

A couple of years ago he struggled with a bully at school. But the new found confidence he’s gained from finding his own personal style has made that a distant memory.

He went through a phase of liking hats. Now it’s fingerless gloves – well he is a fan of Michael Jackson’s music after all.

It’s an exciting time, and I often wonder what he’s going to transform into before my very eyes.

He grins when I call him my little rock star. He’s learning to play the guitar and enjoys being musical and theatrical.

We all go through a metamorphosis in order to find our own style, and I know this is just the beginning. I often wonder what he’ll look like in 10 years, or even 20.

Will he go through a skater boy phase? Or is the grunge look going to see him through his youth?

Once he grows up will he work in an office and get suited and booted, wearing The Label Suits by Suits Men? Will he be a slave to the latest trends or find his own unique way of expressing himself?

To be honest, I really don’t mind.

But if there’s one thing the last couple of years has taught me, it’s that personal style for kids is about more than vanity. Sometimes vanity doesn’t even come into it.

It’s about expressing themselves, finding their self confidence and emerging from childhood to become the kind of person they want to be.

I look forward to seeing who Brodie will be – and his younger brother after him – with a sense of excited anticipation.

jack sparrow

However he turns out, one thing is for sure. It won’t be dull.

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