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I guess my sons are typical boys. Teaching them in a classroom environment will only ever achieve so much. And now they are aged 7 and 10, there are certain strengths and weaknesses which seem to be coming out in their schoolwork.

Numbers. Numbers are fun for them. Give them any maths activity to do and they attack it with relish.

Words? Now they are a whole different matter.

Being  a journalist and blogger, you’d think my boys would take the same kind of joy from words as I do. But I guess we’re all different. They love storytelling and have colourful imaginations.

But the technical side of words – spelling, grammar, tenses, nouns, pronouns…….. start teaching them that stuff and their eyes roll back in their heads as they daydream about going out on their bikes.

Homework usually consists of a book of maths which they attack with gusto, proudly showing me their multiplications, begging me to test them so they can display their skills at doing calculations in their heads.

Then there’s spelling and writing – which gets left until Sunday night and approached with a sense of dread.

If this wasn’t an essential life skill, I wouldn’t be concerned. But I like to find ways of encouraging their relationship with words, hoping this will grow to become easier for them.

After all, there’s nothing that grinds my gears more than those people on social media who write things like “here here” when they agree with something you’ve posted. Or who can’t differentiate between there, their and they’re. (Yes I know, I’m one of those annoyingly pedantic spelling police).

Well Education Quizzes combines my kids’ two favourite things – computers and competition – to make learning a lot easier.


My youngest son Blake in particular will respond to anything if you can make it into a quiz. It suddenly becomes a challenge and therefore a lot more fun.

A subscription costs £7.50 a month – the price of about two comics, so in my opinion well worth it for the educational value.

But not everyone might agree with me. So it’s interesting to know there is also a schools section of the site which was recently launched, and allows schools to sign up students for as little as £2 per year. It’s a great way of using quizzes for revision, and for building overall confidence and ability in class.



I liked that Education Quizzes can be used by kids of all ages and abilities. All we needed to do was select the age range, then the subject we wanted to study.

Brodie and Blake started asking if they could go on the site, and there was much excitement and laughter as they totted up their scores and tried to see who was better at which subject – even English, although typically they loved the KS2 Times Tables section and also found the Science questions fascinating.

If they have to spend their time glued to a screen then at least I know they are getting something out of this site.

Fun – and they don’t even realise they are learning as they go.


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