Spread the love & #PrayforParis if you want to



I got on my soapbox just a little bit this weekend.


Because of the number of people on social media sharing stuff like this




On the face of it, this cartoon is polite.

But don’t be fooled. The message is “you can stick your prayers… we don’t want or need them… we know how to express sympathy and solidarity – and your way is wrong”.

This was inevitably picked up by those against religion – be it Muslim or faith as a whole – as a way of arguing that believing in God(s) is the source of all evil and the reason for the world’s problems.

Less than 2% of the terror attacks committed in Europe in the last five years was carried out by Muslims. And an FBI study found that 94% of terrorism in America over a 25-year period was committed by non-Muslims.

And yes, if you were to read this article you’d realise there are also terrorists who are Christian, Jewish, Palestinian, and even Buddhist. Religion is one of many justifications used by those who are not sound of mind, to take human life.

But the majority of these senseless acts of killing are carried out by separatists, fighting for political or territorial reasons.

Yet recent events in Paris still prompt otherwise intelligent people to declare religion as evil, telling us not to pray for Paris as the city doesn’t want our prayers.

Do these people speak for an entire city? For all of those bereaved by this atrocity? I doubt it.

As someone who considers herself more spiritual than religious, let me just say that I can understand the overwhelming anger and sadness.

But I also recognise that declaring something evil just because someone kills in its name is over-simplifying the argument.

Far more people kill in the name of love. Do we declare love a destructive and wrong emotion – and encourage others not to seek it out?

A man could fall madly in love with a woman, and convince himself that to prove his love he must kill her enemies. In this scenario, if he takes human life believing that she will reward him, who is evil? Love? The woman?

Pointing an angry finger at those sending warmth and goodness in the direction of Paris makes absolutely no sense to me.

And just because some choose to do so using their faith makes them no more similar to ISIS than I am to a woman who murders her own children through some warped view of motherhood.

Rejecting sympathy and solidarity is not what I imagine the majority of Parisians are doing right now.

So spread the love, I say.

Express it however you see fit.

Hate is what these terrorists want us to feel.






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9 Thoughts on “Spread the love & #PrayforParis if you want to

  1. Well said. I have seen so many posts saying not to pray for Paris, that prayer is what caused it all, and I completely disagree with those posts. You have expressed this so well.
    Mrs TeePot recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  2. You have hit the nail on the head Donna. Well said! xxx
    mama syder recently posted…Pumpkin and Pearl Barley Risotto Recipe Plus Win Tickets For The BBC Good Food Show!My Profile

  3. I agree! SPREAD THE LOVE!! xxx
    maggy, red ted art recently posted…Reindeer Bookmarks – Cute & Easy Origami for KidsMy Profile

  4. I am amazed how such a dreadful and sad occasion has caused such anger, finger pointing and ignorance.
    I totally agree with every word, spread the love!
    Mari recently posted…Trevella Park – voted one of Cornwall’s best holiday parksMy Profile

  5. There has been so much opinion about how everyone is reacting the the tragic events in Paris, whether that be turning their FB photo to the French flag, sharing a tweet or praying for them
    Polka Dot Family recently posted…Star of the Week {Apple}My Profile

  6. I find it sad that when people are actually singing from the same songsheet they are too busy arguing over the little things.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…Superworm Trail Forestry CommissionMy Profile

  7. I completely agree Donna!

    What happened is such a tragedy and we need to do whatever we can, no matter how small, to show that we’re thinking about those poor people.
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…What do you do with all the works of art your children make?My Profile

  8. Well said Donna, it’s such a difficult situation and so sad that people feel the need to judge others by how they react.
    EMMA recently posted…How to survive the school runMy Profile

  9. I had to come off Facebook for a couple of days because there was so much backlash from people changing their avatar to include the French flag.I don’t know about spreading the love but certainly there needs to be more educational programs explaining religions from around the world.I was taken aback from all the reports of women who get hassled on a daily basis about just the way the look, often called terrorists and this has escalated since the Paris attacks.
    Aly recently posted…St.Michael’s Mount- Marazion, CornwallMy Profile

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