New Year Blog Gems: Mum of Three World

 New Year Blog Gems

I have to give enormous thanks to the bloggers who have shared their best posts of 2013 with me so far over the Christmas season. It meant I could concentrate on the important things – eating too much, squabbling with family, all the usual festive traditions.

There were so many great contributions to my blog gems series, that I’m continuing them in January. Meaning I can concentrate on the New Year traditions – getting on the scales, panicking, joining a gym and setting myself impossible goals for the coming 12 months!

So here’s Sarah….


Sarah is mum to two tween boys and a 7-year-old girl. She spends her life in a state of perpetual stress and gets up too early. Between being a taxi service for her kids, she finds time to run half marathons, be a school governor, work part-time, blog every day and eat an awful lot of Green & Blacks chocolate. She blogs about the small stuff of family life. She’s a middle-aged woman in teenage boys’ clothing, but on social media she’s mainly recognisable as a little road sign.

MO3WBadge150You can read all about it at or Tweet her @sarahMo3W



Blogging every day means it’s not easy to choose my favourite posts of 2013. These might not be my best posts, but I think they do sum up my family and my blog very well. Enjoy!


I’ve been blessed with two very talented kids and I am endlessly proud of them. My eldest tends to be more challenging. I love this post about Scouts because it was his moment to shine and made me so proud of him.


My boys both play rugby and my younger son plays football too. I spend a lot of time on touchlines, so sport makes a fairly regular appearance on my blog. I love this post about my younger son, which is a real tale of triumph in the face of adversity.


I couldn’t share posts about being proud of my sons without sharing one about my girl too! My daughter is an incredible dancer. I think this post sums up her talent and my pride perfectly.


With two tweens in the house, the theme of growing up and becoming independent is never far from my blog. In this post I ponder how much freedom older kids need and how that affects the rest of the family.



My final post is about how everything happens for a reason – how split-second decisions can change the course of a life for the better.


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9 Thoughts on “New Year Blog Gems: Mum of Three World

  1. Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to guest on your blog and share my posts :) Happy new year!

  2. What a jolly busy life!
    Colette (“We’re going on an adventure ….”) recently posted…Silent Sunday 05.01.14My Profile

  3. Such a nice idea, to find new posts. Opened some of these up in different tabs to have a good browse through!

  4. Feel inspired to go back through and find my favourite posts. Love the scout one!

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